Marilyn Dress

I started my next project- Marilyn Dress from Style Arc patterns.

I haven't sewn many dresses lately. I have seen this pattern several times either on Pattern Review or another blog.  I see similar dresses on TV or in magazines.  I like the sleeve style with this.  I ordered this pattern through Amazon thus having multiple sizes to choose from.  I ended up tracing the 12 and 14, making a small FBA adjustment.  The swayback adjustment will be made using the center back seam, taking a deeper seam through the back waist area.  The waist line is not clearly marked on the pattern.

I decided to use a fabric that has been in my stash for several years.

I am not sure of the content. It has a linen look to it when you see it close up, but the feel and the no wrinkles indicate to me that it is definitely not linen.  It also has a crepe feel to it but not the raveling I usually get from crepe. I did not do a burn test.

I know that this fabric is over 5 years old; I purchased it from a Walmart that has now been replaced by a Super Center Walmart and no longer sales fabric.  They were selling Simplicity Learn to Sew patterns as well as New Look, now they no longer have those.

I remember I purchased 3 yards of this fabric twice.  I think it will have the right drape for this dress.
Being a holiday weekend, we spent considerable time doing family stuff so only had short burst of times to be in the sewing room.

The pattern is adjusted and the fabric is cut out.  Serger is set up for narrow serge for finishing the edges as the seam allowance for this pattern is 3/8 inch.

I hope you had a great holiday weekend if you celebrate Memorial Day.


  1. I've made this one from rayon challis--Really like it. Hope yours turns out nice!

    1. I am re-reading the sleeve part. I think I have got it but not sure.

  2. I just finished the Marilyn dress and I like it a lot, though I think I should have skipped the back loop closure and addd a zipper so that I could have added some darts in front for a bit of shaping. My sewing time is EXTREMELY limited and I love the sleeves. So I chose this dress. My husband, who is usually complimentary declared it the ugliest dress he'd ever seen! I have lost a bit of weight due to stress and it is rather sack like on me. I used the higher neckline, as I have a very full bust and high clevage and that was the perfect choice for me. Husband's comment be danged, I'll be wearing my lovely sack to church this Sunday. I now wish I'd chosen better fabric. I might make another!

    1. Stress does physical things to the body, I can truly empathize with you. MY DH has not paid much attention to the dress thus far. I had to use 5/8 seams instead of the 3/8 and at center back in the upper back I took in about an inch tapering to 5/8 at back waist down. I am not struggling with the sleeves; the instructions are not clear enough though the drawing is helping. I left off there yesterday hoping a clearer mind will work today. I did skip back loop as I was able to pull it over my head.

  3. That sleeve is lovely, and this fabric will make a fun summer dress! Enjoy your sewing time on this one!


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