McCall's 7542

I failed to take a photo of these patterns and mentioned them in an earlier post today.

Of special note is this pattern from McCall's
Earlier today I was viewing photos on Instagram and came across a post from McCall Pattern Company.  They have created a sewing contest to make the above pattern between now and May 7.  You can make as many versions of this pattern and post it by May 7 to be entered into the contest.  That was motivating to me.  The prizes are $100 gift certificate to Vogue Fabrics, one year subscription to Vogue Fabrics and $100 worth of McCall's Patterns.

I  had planned to make this recently so now I am more motivated to do so.  I have pulled out some fabrics from stash, some new and some that have aged awhile.    I  cut around the pattern pieces and will do some pin fitting of pattern soon.  Another great thing about this pattern, cup sizes for A/B, C and D!  No FBA for me!  Thank you McCall's

Here's a link to post on Instagram for McCall's Sewing Contest.


  1. I saw the contest announced to. The prizes are a great motivation.

  2. I saw that contest too, I, and a lot of other ladies too would have loved to enter however the pattern has not been released here in the southern hemisphere and won't be for another 4-6 months! Not happy!

    1. Oh! That is not good! Obviously they did not take that into consideration. They may need to rethink their postings on Instagram and that it is world wide not just USA.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Sheila! I have not been sewing as I hoped to. Too much life stuff going on.


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