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Video test

Bear with me as I attempt to test a video of me serging the metallic/matte fabric.

Metallic and Matte

I finally completed my third version of Vogue 9026.  The fabric used was a double knit with metallic coating on one side and a matte finish on the other.  I bought this from Mood Fabrics a couple of years ago.

I signed up for a Serger and Coverstitch contest on PR.  I truly thought that I would have time to make two items to enter.  At this time, it looks like just this one. 
The fabric though fun and unique, serging it with my serger was rather difficult.  The thickness with the metallic coating as well as that type fabric wears on the needles. I kept the fabric taut while serging holding the fabric in front as well as back of the serger foot.   
Here are some photos of the top completed.  Since the fit has been perfected, it was easy to serge this. You are allowed to use the sewing machine for topstitching, sewing down facings, as well as to baste the item before serging.
The side seam is forward of the actual side as you can see in the picture below.  This also gives you a view of …

Toaster Sweater Ver 2

I finally got around to wearing and taking a few photos of the Toaster Sweater View 2 by Sew House Seven.  This is the sew-along offered.  I like the top and I actually like how the fabric I used feels while wearing it.  I have to admit that I have stated that I did not like this fabric.  Now that I am wearing it, I like it a little better.

For those who prefer all natural fabrics, then you will love this.  I think I wasn't liking it because it really wrinkles while wearing.  Some people can wear wrinkles, like linen, and look great.  Me, not so much.

This top is definitely boxy and photos of both versions are spot on.  I have to say the style is growing on me.  However the side view of this is not very flattering.

I think I need to make a FBA.  I really don't like the look of the front from this angle.
Here is the front looking front on.  The collar does bunch up and I see this on other sewists' versions as well.. I intentionally cut off my face as my hair was really flat…

Did I or Didn't I???

Several posts ago I said I was going on a fabric/pattern diet.  The first week in January I bought fabric. Since then I am back on the wagon.

Last week I went to our mall which is about 10 minutes from work to get some lunch.  I walked through Barnes and Nobles after eating thinking I would quickly see what new sewing related magazines were available.  I have been buying Sew Style since second half of last year as they had become available in my area.  So I saw this one.

I could only see a little of  what articles were included because of  three free Butterick patterns as well.  Here are the three patterns.
I do not own any of these patterns. I have enjoyed reading the magazine.  This magazine came home with me.  So I asked myself, did I just buy some patterns or did I buy a magazine that just happened to have three patterns as part of the magazine?  😼😲

Another view of V9026

I made this top from Vogue 9026 pattern.  It is now OOP.  This is my second top from this pattern, using different view.  I made View C.

Here is my first version
I wear this top fairly frequently.  I find that it works well for casual as well as for work with slacks,
This one was made from leftover fabric from a dress I made.

The fabric for the new one is from two sources, the solid winter white is from Fabric Mart and the textured fabric is from Style Maker Fabrics.  Both are double knit.

This was my part of my OOTD last week worn with wool pants from Talbots.  The top felt warm and comfortable for the cold temperatures. The cowl collar is not very deep nor drapey as it may appear on the pattern envelope.  I did add cuffs for this version as I thought the textured fabric would be a nice accent to the front.  I made the sleeves a little wider with this version as they are somewhat tight with the first version.

I do plan to continue to use this pattern as I like the look of it.  I may…


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