Toaster Sweater Ver 2

I finally got around to wearing and taking a few photos of the Toaster Sweater View 2 by Sew House Seven.  This is the sew-along offered.  I like the top and I actually like how the fabric I used feels while wearing it.  I have to admit that I have stated that I did not like this fabric.  Now that I am wearing it, I like it a little better.

For those who prefer all natural fabrics, then you will love this.  I think I wasn't liking it because it really wrinkles while wearing.  Some people can wear wrinkles, like linen, and look great.  Me, not so much.

This top is definitely boxy and photos of both versions are spot on.  I have to say the style is growing on me.  However the side view of this is not very flattering.

I think I need to make a FBA.  I really don't like the look of the front from this angle.

Here is the front looking front on.  The collar does bunch up and I see this on other sewists' versions as well..
I intentionally cut off my face as my hair was really flat looking front on and I am off from work today so really rather casual.  This top works for casual looks.

Another front view with hands on hips

Of course, what's a bunch of photos without the back view.  There is a lot of fullness there and I see that when I look sideways in the mirror.  So the next time I will take out a little of that fullness in the center back.

I did a swayback adjustment which helped but as stated above there is fullness.
I also added an inch to the length.  This a short top and I am petite, though long waisted. I am comfortable with where this sits on me.  I would like to try View 1, yet there are so many other tops to make for spring.

I am finishing up my third V9026 top.  I am using a double sided double knit fabric from Mood.  I just need to add the second cuff to one sleeve and I am done.  I am entering that top in the Serger and Coverstitch Contest on Pattern Review.  I think I will then let that pattern rest for awhile.  Actually this is one of the few patterns I own that I have sewn more than once.

More later!


  1. I like your Toaster Sweater Linda. That's a great color.

  2. Cute! It looks warm and comfortable.I love the brilliant red:)

  3. Linda, I really like it. I've completed a top and took a side view picture and thought I should have done a FBA.

    1. I am adjusting this for the next version! Thanks for stopping by and commenting

  4. This looks like a warm and cozy top. If you are worried about the side view, would you consider adding front/back darts so that the top hugs the midriff a bit more?

    1. Thanks for suggesting that. I really like the casualness of the top and really need to adjust that fullness. I thought about pinching darts on the pattern and cutting out to see how that will look.

  5. Maybe if you add an inch or two to the front you wouldn't have to do a FBA? I think, because of the relaxed fit, you can get away with some adjustment "sins." :)

    BTW, thanks for including me in your blogroll!

  6. I bought this pattern as well and haven't made it yet. Thank you for the very helpful review. This one is a great start and, with the adjustments, it's the kind of cold weather basic we all need several of!


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