Version 3 McCall's 6964

This weekend I completed my third garment that I had planned to sew on my staycation.  This is becoming a TNT for me. My first version was this one and I still wear it often during cooler weather.
The print fabric was from EOS and the black sleeves were more of an illusion knit from

My second version did not turnout so well.  I used another print fabric from EOS and used a solid neckband and short sleeve in a green color also from EOS.

For some reason the neckband never would lay flat and even inserting some elastic thread in the back neckband under the serged stitches did not help at all.  This is one I wear only at home as I truly dislike how it looks.  I also wish I used a different color for the sleeves and neckband.

This is my third version which turned out well.
I took photos last night after work and if I stand with my arms by my side I look like one big floral person.  This fabric has been around a long time.  I looked through fabric photos back to 2010 and did not find it there.  It may have come from Fabric Mart or

Here is the back view.  The colors are more muted in this photo, I don't think I had the flash engaged.

I used my coverstitch machine for the sleeve and bodice hems.  I should have used it for the neckband also, instead I top stitched that area.

One more fabric out of my stash.  I have more of this fabric leftover and may just donate it to Goodwill.  I think I only need one garment from this floral print.

Next up-pants!


  1. I like your tshirts! Why not replace the green sleeves and band on the 2nd shirt? You have such a cool print there. Maybe a solid gold or rusty color, you could give it a nice fall look..

    1. I have thought about replacing them, and rust would be a better color with a longer sleeve maybe.

  2. Nice tops; I especially like the one with the black sleeves.

  3. Don't give away that floral fabric--it's too pretty, and there are so many colors that can combine with other solids. Or at the very least, use it as a knit muslin for pattern trials. IMHO.

    1. Thank you for commenting. Maybe I will use it for pattern trials.


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