Snowing and sewing

We are experiencing snow-a lot of snow.  It has been snowing since 7 AM.  I took a PTO day as I did not want to be out in this snow driving a Honda Civic.  Not a good vehicle for heavy snow.

I continue to work on Simplicity top.  The fabric is bear to work with and the pattern has required a considerable amount of tweaking.  I had to take deeper seams in the front sleeve area and then took a deeper seam in the upper back area in the sleeves.

I basted the side seams for fitting and need to take a full one inch seam from the underarm to the bottom of the sleeve.  The sleeves are huge, very wide.  I may yet take out some of the fullness.

I am ready to stitch the neckband to the top.  I wish I had cut the neckband wider as I don't think the neckline is like what I am seeing on the model. That leaves attaching the hip band and hemming the sleeves.

We are hoping we do not lose power as the winds are supposed to pick up in the early morning hours and just hoping that the snow and winds don't bring down power lines. More updates later.


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    1. So far safe and warm. Hoping we do not lose power!

  2. Good day for staying home and sewing. Hope the snow is manageable and all stay safe.

    1. This is when I truly miss living in Florida. I am not a fan of snow. We were able to shovel some this AM and appears that the snow is going to stop now. Taking a break an heading to sewing room shortly.

  3. Hi Linda! I live in the Winston-Salem area of North Carolina. Stay warm! I loved your red/black plaid cropped jacket. It looked terrific on you!

  4. You are wise Linda the best place to be in this weather is your sewing room.I am in the UK I just hope the snow doesn't decide to visit us.Keep up your good work!!


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