Becoming a Jacket

I am beginning to feel like I will have a new jacket soon.  I made lots of progress this weekend.  The jacket unit is complete; next is to sew the lining pieces together and attach to the jacket!!

Here are a few photo shots of the jacket in progress on Alma Marie.  Alma Marie is a little large than I am and she has much broader shoulders so the jacket may look a little distorted.  The last sewing I did earlier today was to attach the sleeves.  I plan to insert sleeve head before attaching shoulder pads.

Front on Alma Marie, unzipped
Back view on Alma Marie
Close up of welt; no pocket bags attached.
I am on vacation and holiday next week; my hope is to complete the jacket before DH and I spend time with friends for Thanksgiving.  I hope to be able to wear this then.  The weather has turned cold, not cool; so I think this will feel nice for a day time event.

I have enjoyed this sewing project.  The fabric has been great to sew with, I ordered it from Mood back in October 2014.  It is a Marc Jacobs Italian Wool Tweed.  I have not sew a jacket in a long time and jackets were items I made a lot.  More to follow.


  1. Looking good - and the pockets are great! happy turkey day :-)

  2. The back shaping is gorgeous and I love seeing your progress. Working with fine fabric is just such a bonus!


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