Kirsten Kimono Tee

I completed the Kirsten Kimono Tee.  I must be one of the last people to sew this top.  It is super easy to sew.  I had to determine the best size for me.  I have found that some independent patterns draft quite different from the Big 4.

I used size Large for this top.  I traced the pattern size after printing and taping the printed pages together.  I then pin fitted the traced pattern and determined fitting issues.

I ended up making a 1 1/2 inch FBA; making a sway back adjustment of 1 inch; increased the back hip area by 1 inch by drawing a straight line about 1 1/2 inches from the side seam up to the waist area, and cutting a hinge at the waist area to the straight line and then I cut the line up to that area, inserted an inch of paper to increase that area tapering to nothing at hinge and trued the side seam. This is method I learned from taking "Lynda Maynard's Fitting Class" on Craftsy.

I eliminated the bust dart that was created when making the FBA and removed fullness from the side seam. I also traced the pattern length to the small length size and ended up removing another inch after basting the side seams for fitting.

The fabric was from Mood.  When I purchased the fabric I was surprised by the colors when it arrived.  The quality of the knit was good but the colors did not match up with my computer monitor. Recently I have seen the fabric sewn by Deepika at Pattern Review and decided that I like the overall look once sewn.

Decided to use this fabric as my original plan was to use a striped fabric but I did not have enough of it to make this top.

Without further ado-

Kirsten Kimono Tee-Front

Back view

Neckband closeup
The tee can be made with a neckband attached or using fold over elastic.  I cut out a 2.5 inch strip of fabric and attached using 1/2 inch seam.  Before attaching the neckband I tried the top on and decided it was lower than I wanted and a narrower neckband would not raise the neckline enough for my preference.  This proved to be the perfect size to use.

Photos of my wearing will follow soon.  I plan to make another top as part of my upcoming beach vacation.  This is a truly easy top to sew once you get the right fit.


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