Back from Vacay

I had a lovely vacay at Myrtle Beach with a longtime friend from high school.  Weather was perfect and hot while there.  I believe all of my old age aches and pains disappeared while there.  I wore all of my new summer tops recently made and only wore two RTW tops while there.

I spent a whole lot of money on shoes-sandals- my favorite all time shoe that now that I don't live in Florida I get to wear about 4 months a year.  Photos to follow.

We did all the touristy things that all MB vacationers do except for the amusement rides and such; no shows either.  We shopped, drank and ate until we dropped or popped.

I failed to take a lot of photos though-duh!  Just a few which I will post later.

No fabric store visits, though I came close to a few stores, mostly home dec or quilting.  I have way more fabric than I need now so glad I left some for others.

Looking forward to getting back in the sewing room; next up culottes!


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