On the Road

I have been traveling some this past week -work related.  Traveled to Asheville, NC, a four hour drive one way.  I spent the night in a very nice hotel and the business purpose of the meeting was fantastic as well.  The weather arriving and departing was just lovely.  Sunny and warm, not to hot and not too cool.  Usually when I traveled there I would make time to visit Waechters Fine Fabrics. They no longer exist as I believe I recall that the owner retired.  I would not have had time to visit there if they were open.  I think I have one or two fabrics from them still in my stash!

Today I am again traveling to NC for a family reunion with relatives from my father's side of the family.  Unfortunately with my parents divorcing I did not have the contact with my father's side of the family as much as I did with my mom's side.  So it will be good to actually meet cousins and their families that I have never met or when I did meet them they were very little.

Not much in the way of sewing this weekend.  I have some patterns ready for pin fitting and hope to squeeze in some time tomorrow.

Hope your weekend is a pleasant one.


  1. If you are going back through Asheville, there is another nice fabric store, House of Fabrics.

    1. Thanks Barb for posting this. I will definitely keep that in mind.


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