Happy Easter!

I have had a long weekend, starting with Good Friday.  I am taking a PTO day tomorrow.
Friday, I spent time shopping, bought two pair of shoes at Macy's and got 30% off.  I ordered a pair online as they did not have my size in the store.  Photos to follow.

Saturday AM spent time at the Y on tread mill, came home and sewed some, then DH and I had to run errands and then a nice dinner out.  More sewing last night.

Did more sewing this morning and I am still working on the KS top!  I had ambitious plans for sewing for the long weekend; I always do.

Let me say that the KS top, is taking forever to sew.  The overlay is a nice design feature but there is a lot of hemming involved.  The knit I am using for the overlay is a little "fiddly" so turning and sewing the hem around the bottom edge required me to use stitch witchery to fuse the folded fabric together to give it some body to sew nicely.

I am almost finished; I have no energy to finish this evening.  Maybe I will get a second wind.  Just finished dinner and the clean up and really feel like just sitting and reading.

I hope your Easter was a pleasant one!


  1. The overlay looks so simple as well :)

    1. It is Sarah but it is a little fiddly in places where you stitch around the overlay. I also realize that the overlay side is much heavier when putting it on!


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