Back Up and Re-Design

I had a nice sewing weekend. I spent considerable time yesterday and today working on the Vogue dress.Yesterday I began cutting out the fabric after making fitting adjustments to the pattern. I had measured the geranium fabric and thought that I had enough to cut out the pattern. However in the process of cutting out the fabric I realize that I was going to run short.

My next thought was what other fabric do I have that I can use to make this dress. After pulling out two other double knit fabrics, I decided that neither one of those were what I wanted to use. Digging further through my stash I found I had enough black double knit to use with the geranium double knit.

The challenge was how best to use the two fabrics. Because I had already cut out several pieces from the original fabric and I determined I had enough black fabric to cut two back pieces, it was obvious what I had to do.  I had enough of the original fabric to cut out one back piece but not enough for two. I really did not want to have two different colors for the back.

I have completed the front unit and the back unit and you can see the results below. Both pieces have been pinned to Alma Marie.

Back piece pinned to Alma Marie

Front piece pinned to Alma Marie
I am hoping that when the back and front are stitched together that I will not see the gaping pockets as they are now. Updates to follow.



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