March Garment of the Month

I am finding my way back into the sewing room.  With warmer weather slowly arriving in my neck of  the woods, I feel like sewing more again.   My Make a Garment a Month for March is a new Kwik Sew pattern.
I am going to make the top on the left.  I purchased a digital knit fabric from EOS last year and some brown to go with it.  The brown is a hybrid fabric that has some stretch but more of woven stretch and not enough for this fabric.  I purchased some brown knit fabric recently from Fabric Mart to go with the digital knit.

This is great design-silhouettes, trees, buildings, bridges.  This photo does not begin to show all the detail nor all the colors.

I have begun the pattern adjustment process using a combination of flat pattern measures and pin fitting.  Not only does the main front and back pieces have to be adjusted so does the overlay!  Time consuming but necessary and I hope worth it.

More later.


  1. That is a gorgeous print and love the style line of that pattern.

    1. Thanks Sheila! It definitely caught my attention.

  2. What a beautiful top this will be. I like the fabric blocking in the pattern too!

  3. I like this pattern and the chosen fabric. Can't wait to see your finished product.

  4. I like this pattern and the chosen fabric.


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