Making progress on KS top and new fabric.

I have had a few minutes to be in my sewing room off and on during the week. I would take the time to make some adjustments to the Kwik Sew pattern. Because of the overlay pieces I had to make the same adjustments to them for bust and shortening the length from shoulder to underarm.

This weekend I was able to finally get all of the adjustments completed and have now cut out the fabric.  I have threaded the serger and the sewing machine; it is my hope to be able to do some sewing this afternoon.

I realized I have not shown you the new fabrics I recently received from EOS.

All three of the fabrics are knits. I still have the plastic wrapping around the fabrics so they look a little shiny. The bottom fabric is a rose pink color and the print above it is a rose pink, gray, white and dark gray. My thoughts when purchasing the fabric was to have a skirt and top; now I'm leaning toward a dress.

The green is also an 14 ounce  rayon knit. I had purchased it with the thought of using it in place of the brown knit for the Kwik Sew pattern I'm currently working on. It would definitely add some color as the overlay piece. However I've now decided to stick with the brown.

I also purchased two fabrics from One of the fabrics was a blue scuba knit that is very much like the scuba knit I purchased from Fabric Mart. Both pieces are rather shiny and that was not what I had in mind for the scuba knit. I'm not sure how I will use these as it was not my intent to have a shiny garment.I will have to think about this further.

The other fabric was a blue faux leather called Perfection Fused Faux Leather. This piece I truly like and have several ideas of how I want to use it.Unfortunately I have not taken any pictures of the fabric at this time. Will post something later.


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