Kwik Sew 4085 With overlay in place

Linda LaMona @danvillegirl Kwik Sew 4085 in ...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Another link to photo of KS top with the overlay attached.  This is an interesting pattern and with Kwik Sew patterns, normally the instructions and drawings are most helpful.  I have found one error with attaching the overlay to the front and back.  It tells you clearly to place the overlay wrong sides to right side of the right front and back.  However it never tells you to baste or pin for before turning inside out to sew shoulder seams together.

The drawing shows basting stitches of the overlay to the front and back of the top.  I knew to do that but for a beginning this could be an issue.

I made one mistake (so far) in that I did not adjust the length of the overlay front and back pattern pieces.  I shortened the front and back top pieces by one inch between waist and hip.  Never thought to do that with the overlay.  It will be an easy fix to trim off the bottom of overlay (at least I hope so). I made all other adjustments to those overlay pieces for the shoulder.  Will definitely make this adjustment to the pattern pieces before putting it away.

I really like the construction of this pattern and will make more in the future.


  1. I never noticed that pattern and love the cross-over bodice and the asymmetrical hemline. Looking forward to yours and like the use of the contrasting front pieces.

    1. I had not looked at KS patterns in some time and when I saw this I decided to try it. Hoping to finish it soon.


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