Lots of pieces

I finished cutting out the fabric and the lining.  Whew!.  I find that cutting out single layer pieces can be very time consuming; getting the fabric opened and straight of grain is for me more time consuming that cutting out double layer of fabric.  

With this pattern, I needed to make sure that the single layers are laid out correctly so the right and left pieces stay right and left.  Then you need to make sure the lining pieces which are the same as the fabric are laid out the opposite. Not truly difficult but needs to be top of mind and checking twice before cutting.

I used lining fabric that was in my stash and used every piece of it with just a small square left over that could be used to line a pocket.  The same with the Italian wool fabric. There is enough of the faux lace looking double knit fabric left over for me to make something else from it.    

The double knit fabric is rather heavy/thick and not sure what I should make from it.  Maybe a skirt or a peplum top or both.  I think there is enough fabric left to make both.

Back to the sewing room, updates and some photos soon.




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