Afternoon sewing

I finished all of my last minute shopping as well as grocery shopping for Christmas dinner.

DH was off from work today also and had a doctor's appointment; he was out by the time I got home so after unloading everything we went for late breakfast.  When we returned I headed straight to the sewing room as that was my plan for the day.

When I sew garments with linings, I normally start sewing the lining first.  This allows me to make fitting tweaks and then transfer those changes to the fabric.  I basted all the darts  and the princess seam and attached front bodice to back bodice for fitting.  I had to make adjustments to the front bodice darts.  The waist dart was too long and hit the bust area to high; I reduced the length by one inch.  The side dart was pointing up and was too short.  I had to change the direction of that dart and lengthened it.  In a previous post, I showed how I made the FBA for both sides of the bodice.

I also reduced the width of the waist dart as well and took 1/2 inch seam at the waist area of princess seam and then increased to 5/8 inch right below bust to shoulder.

I took some shots of the bodice and lining bodice pinned to Alma Marie.

Front bodice

Left front side with princess seam

Right front side with side and waist darts

Front lining bodice

Next step will be attaching the lining to the peplum piece and then attach that to front skirt portion and then attach that to the front bodice.  More later.


  1. So pretty! Merry Christmas, hope the holidays are nice up there in Virginia!

    (I went to Sweet Briar for 2 years, then married a prof at VMI, lived in Lexington for 6 years, both kids born while there. My family is all from Charlottesville and Scott County. Small world!!)

  2. I am a native of VA, grew up in Danville, VA. Left there in '81 for my career moving to Texas, CA, Florida and Pennsylvania before ending up back in VA. Been here for 11 years. Very familiar with Lexington and Charlottesville areas.


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