I took some photos late Friday evening, so forgive the hair and makeup.  But this is about the dress anyway.  When I took these photos I had not hemmed the sleeves or dress, that is now complete and used my Coverstitch machine to do both.

I think M6886 is a perfect dress to showcase the fabric.  I truly enjoyed working with this scuba knit fabric and do plan to purchase more in the future.  As posted previously I purchased this from EmmaOneSock.

Without further ado:

Front view

Back view

The front has bust darts and I added vertical darts to the back due to fabric pooling and my narrow upper back.  Here  are side views that shows how back is more fitted with the back darts.
Left side view

Right side view

I am happy that I got the design on the sleeve to be the same on both sides.  And one final shot:

Now that this pattern is adjusted for fit I plan to make another one in the future.

One thing that I did also is I used bias binding tape at the neckline.  For this view it called for turning under 5/8 inch and then stitching this down.  The bias tape gave some stability and ease to coverstitch the neckline.


  1. Hello Linda, I love your pretty dress and the fabric is terrific.
    Excellent work!

  2. Love that dress/fabric combo! The fit looks fabulous.

  3. Happy Easter. The dress turned out lovely. Nice print placement.

    1. Happy Easter to you as well!. Thanks for the compliments about the dress. I need to take some photos with shoes showing.

  4. I don't think I've commented her before, but I've been anxiously watching to see the results. It came out so wonderfully.

  5. Gorgeous - it really looks lovely, great fabric, and the fit is perfect.

  6. That's an awesome dress and I really love the print! Scuba fabrics (I think they are also called neoprene, at least they do around here) are all the rage right now; I love that they are easy to work with and provide any garment with structure.
    Again, amazing job on the dress!


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