Patterns from the postman

My newest pattern acquisitions came this past week, thank you Mr Postman!!!

I saw this skirt in Nordstrom's catalog as well as on website; I pinned to Pintrest and when I saw this Vogue pattern
I thought I could use this as the jumping off point to make a similar skirt; I don't have the models legs anymore so I will be adjusting so the split is noticeable but not NOTICEABLE!

One of my favorite blogs is Sew & Style by Toy.  She is always posting fashion styles which helps inspire me as well.  She also has a YouTube site where she does a great job of sharing her sewing journey with a particular pattern.  She recently made this pattern in a black ponte knit and a faux leather fabric.
I had planned to purchase this pattern previously but failed to add to my shopping bag and thus with latest Club BMV sale I snapped it up.  My interest originally was in the sleeveless color blocked dress.  I don't wear sleeveless as much as I use to as I have these "old lady biceps" that go with this "old lady".  I would use the sleeve but shorten for spring/summer.

This was another dress pattern that I probably have something similar as well already.  On Pattern Review they had a LWD -little white dress contest that I signed up for and then wondered why as I normally do not wear white or off white dresses.  I think they make me look wider/bigger and why do I want that?  There were some great entries for this contest and I did vote for my favorites. 

I also purchased a few patterns from Simplicity.  Their patterns seem to fit me better and they use to; I just don't go to their site enough to see their collection, plus they have New Look and Burda on their site also.

I was inspired to pin this top and as soon as I saw it I remembered this pattern from Simplicity.  I thought it was a gook knock off pattern.  Again I will add short sleeves. The other pattern has received good reviews on PR so decided to give this one a try also.


  1. Great choice of patterns ~ enough to whip up an entire new wardrobe, lucky you ... J

    1. Thank you--I just need more sewing mojo and time to really do a new wardrobe.

  2. What pretty patterns that the postman brought
    I laughed when you told about your biceps.. you sounded like you were talking about me.. Definitely need the sleeves now.ha

    1. Thanks for the comment. I use to have skinny arms and firm. Oh the days when I was young !!!


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