Neckline adjustments

I found myself with time on my hands after work tonight.  DH had to work late so after a quick dinner from Panera takeout, I decided to sew up those fitting adjustments needed for New Look 6230.  I also took side seams from 5/8 to 3/8.

I am happier with the neckline fit.  I decided to post photos of the adjusted neckline.  With the neckband to attach next I will be happier with this fit.
The red line drawn above is intended to give you an idea of where the neckline was falling before the adjustments.  It truly was almost falling off the shoulder.  The specs are from my mirror-fire the housekeeper! That would be me.

Here it is without the red line

If I was young like the model on the envelope then probably lower neckline would work. But this was really large.  I am happy that I was able to save this as I really do like the fabric; unfortunately it is not showing up so well in the photos.


  1. I like the higher neckline...crazy how much fitting goes into a simple raglan sleeve pullover top! I did three samples on mine and am just now getting ready to cut into my sequin fabric. And I need to fire my house cleaner too as my mirrors Hanover those same specs!

    1. You know every time I sew a raglan sleeve I seem to have to take deeper seams. This one was a bear!


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