My first day of staycation

It was so nice to start my staycation today!  I am off from work until Dec. 2.

To start the day off, I began finalizing the pattern draft for the camel and black skirt.  As I posted previously I printed a skirt pattern using Pattern Master Boutique.  The fit was off and I updated my measurements in the software program and changed the skirt pattern so that it drafted for skirt with a center front zipper.
There is a feature with the program to edit the pattern pieces; I am just not proficient with that component of the software.  I re-drafted the pattern manually.

After tracing the new pattern I pin fitted the traced pattern.  I made a small adjustment and the I traced a second front piece. The front piece had a dart and so I drew a line through the dart for the left front, cut through the line and then added 5/8 seam allowance to that front piece.  To the right front I added what I cut off from the left traced front creating my asymmetrical front with exposed zipper.

For the back piece I added a center back seam as it is with the inspiration skirt.  The inspiration skirt's zipper is actually longer than the ones I ordered so I took a chance that I might find the right zipper at JoAnn's and lucky me I did!!  Here is photo of the pieces pinned together after drafting and fitting.

I redrafted the facing pieces to match up with the new front pieces.  I may not use them as I plan to line the skirt and attach the lining at the waistline.

I have decided to use V8750 for the faux leather skirt.  I have made it twice so the fit is perfected and I like the style. I plan to cut out both skirt patterns tomorrow so I can move forward with sewing both of them over the staycation/holiday week.


  1. I am so jealous right now that I couldn't make it past you're off until Dec. 2nd! Begrudgingly I'm wishing you a wonderful staycation...I hope you get a lot of sewing done!!

    1. I am so in need of some time off and hopefully I will accomplish my sewing plans during this time.

    2. I know what you mean but seriously jealous anyway! *LOL*


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