Cordova complete

I finally finished this jacket.  And I am not really happy with the outcome.  I decided to complete it and most likely I will give it to charity.  Here are a few pics of the completed jacket.

Front view has separating zipper

Close up view of zipper and neckline

Back view

Inside view of lining-jacket not pressed
So far from what you have seen have you noticed the peplums that go from front to back?  Yeah, me neither.
And that is the issue and the reason I am not happy with the outcome. It is not really a problem with the pattern, it is my choice of fabric, it is rather "busy" so you just don't see where they are.

Even trying to show you the peplum you just can't see it.  If I had given this more thought I perhaps could have added piping in black.  I even pulled out some black ric-rac after the fact and that does not cut it. Another lesson learned and something I need to work on.  If the fabric was not so loosely woven and ravels just looking at it and because of the loose weave thread gets embedded in the weave, I found it most difficult to remove stitches.  I decided not to undo the peplum area stitches to add piping.

As to this jacket patten-it runs large!! I even went down a size in upper area and then went to larger size from waist to bottom.  This was my focused concern about this jacket once I began sewing and fitting.  Before making the final lining attachment, I made several fitting changes to earlier ones.
  1. Biceps are huge, ended up taking a one inch seam from about an inch under the arm to about 3 inches above wrist.
  2. Took a deeper center back seam earlier on in the sewing process.
  3. Took an additional 1/2 inch seam in the front/side front seam area from shoulder down to upper bust area.  Then took an additional 1/2 inch seam from right under the bust to top of front area peplum.
  4. Took an additional 1/2 inch seam  right above and below waist area.  
All of these adjustments helped fit the jacket better and definitely helped make it look less boxy.  Nonetheless, because you can not see the distinction between the jacket and the peplum due to fabric choice it just looks more like a semi fitting straight jacket, just as it looks on the hanger.

You win some, you lose some.  Next up skirts!


  1. I can see the peplum, a bit anyway. I think the jacket is lovely.

    1. Thanks Rhonda! I am going to press it better today and see if I like it any better. Just fell short of my expectations.

  2. Even though it is not what you wanted, it still is great and is a perfect "neutral" for some colour (accessories or skirt or blouse). I wouldn't give it away.


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