Have you missed me?

What a week I had and what a month I am going to have!!!

A little sewing took place on Saturday, but not enough.  I started working on the dress again, sewing darts and such in the skirt portion of the dress and the dress lining.  I sewed the center back and side seams of the lining and dress and that was where it ended for the weekend sewing.

Sunday I traveled to Hot Springs, VA to "The Homestead"  a nice resort area in the mountains of VA.  I wish the trip had been for pleasure, though some of it was pleasurable, it was our strategic planning session with our board and senior staff.  I would have loved to visit the spa, the healing springs, etc. but that was not to be.  We spend Sunday and Monday developing the strategic outline for the long term planning for the next three years.

I arrived home Monday evening and simply crashed into my lazy boy chair.

Yesterday, Secretary Fornash-commonwealth's secretary of education- along with other staff visited our agency to see and learn more about our programs working with other education agencies to provide work training services.  I met DH for dinner after to work and actually spent 15 minutes in the sewing room, pressing seams and darts and attaching lining to the top edge of the skirt to then be basted to dress bodice for fitting.

I took a few shots on Instagram which you can see below.  The first one is the lining pinned to top edge of skirt before basting together.  The second one is a terrible photo of the skirt front.

This is also the month we spend on developing the budget for next year and I have two other business trips coming up.  My plan is to finish this dress to take on my trip next week.  We shall see.  In between I hope to  be a better blog poster.


  1. You've been super busy! I'm happy to hear that you are getting into your sewing room, even if it's just for 15 minutes here and there. Just being in the sewing environment always makes me feel better.


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