Top progress

I got some sewing time in yesterday off and on. For a simple top, or I should say, I thought it was going to be simple top it is proving to be a little more time consuming than I had anticipated.

Thought the fabric is lovely, and thank you to all who commented about the fabric, it is a little fiddly to sew.  The biggest challenge was the placket.  I don't sew plackets much and actually can not remember the last time I did.  The pattern instructions, IMHO, left out a step or two; Vogue truly seemed to think that everyone knows what to do to get the placket overlapped and turned perfectly.  After many looks at the illustrations, I came up with what appears to be the final step.  Let's say what I did was the final step.  The instructions have you double stitch around the edges and that made my placket look much better and held everything in place.

For the waist dart gathers, I tried out a new product to me from Nancy's Notions.  You fuse the strip to the area you want to gather and then pull the blue threads to gather.  It worked okay and I played around with it by testing on scraps to understand securing one end of the blue threads.  It says tie a knot to secure, I did but also used scotch tape to secure those ends so I could gather the fiddly fabric edge.  So one side of the waist darts completed my sewing time yesterday.  Off to finish the second one and hopefully attach everything else.

Photos and more later.


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