Testing was a good thing

Here is my test garment.  It was too tight through waist and hips.  Shoulder to underarm area was too long.  Neckline a little low before adding the neckband which I did not do as there were enough fitting adjustments needed for the bodice and sleeves.

The length of this top was too long even if I was going to wear it as a tunic and evening then it was just too tight to go over jeans well.

I really like the look of the ruffled sleeve and this was a little fiddly step.   Slow sewing was necessary so the gathers are sewn well.

The adjustments I ended up making before I cut out the originally planned fabric were:

  1. Raise neckline an inch.  This created a challenge to raise the sleeve top by the same inch but it came out well.
  2. Cut off two inches from the length.
  3. Take a 3/8 horizontal tuck in the front and back bodice pieces and adjust sleeve by the same amount.
  4. Add 1/2 inches to front and back from under the bust, which fit well, to the bottom.
  5. Make my usual swayback adjustment which I failed to do when cutting out the test garment.
  6. Adjust markings on the sleeves to allow for added inch at the shoulder point area for front and back so gathers will be sewn appropriately.
The fabric for the "real" top has been cut out and partially sewn.  I had some other things I had to work on around the house so sewing stopped there for the time being.

I hope your sewing weekend was a good one.



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