Perfect button, imperfect buttonhole

After a busy day grocery shopping and running all over the place trying to find other household goods, I was excited to get to sewing again.  I have the perfect covered button and only needed to make the perfect buttonhole on thick faux suede fabric.

I used a Teflon foot for the sewing of this jacket; worked great.  Then I changed to my sensor buttonhole foot and found in testing the right buttonhole that this was going to drag on the fabric and could not get a decent buttonhole.  I tried using the Teflon foot and though gliding over the fabric when attempting to sew the other side of the buttonhole, it got hung up every time after sewing the top bar tack part of the buttonhole.

I remembered that my machine had come with "self-adhesive" glide tape--Teflon tape.  It was perfectly cut to use on buttonhole foot.  Unfortunately the self-adhesive material was only working on one side not the other side.  Trying temporary spray to affix that one piece did not work well.  I test drove this and found it would not sew the buttonhole well as the piece just would not stay.

Another issue was the need to change the needle.  I then tried the Teflon foot again; no go.  So I turned to sewing sources and Google and found a product called Foot Magic.  To make a long story short, I ordered two packets at $5.00 a piece on Amazon and hopefully will arrive the latter part of next week.

So the jacket is almost complete.  I am now moving on to my next project, using some faux Sherpa fabric.  Normally I would move on to a quick project but why not continue on a roll of working with challenging fabric.  I am going to make a vest using Kwik Sew 3172.  I have traced the pattern pieces and plan to pin fit this afternoon and cut it out before stopping to watch the Super Bowl.  Neither team is "my" special team but I am pulling for the Ravens!!!



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