Renfrew Top and Mood Fabric

I spent last evening making pattern adjustments to the Renfrew Pattern.  I made my usual FBA, swayback, upper round back, forward shoulder adjustment.  With the FBA I eliminated the resulting dart using a FBA method I learned from Debbie Cook's FBA tutorial.

I am going to make the cowl neck top.  The fabric is a gold metallic type knit fabric from Mood Fabrics.  It really feels soft to the touch and the metallic threads are not scratchy as I remember another metallic knit I sewed many, many years ago.  The knit color below looks a little darker than the actual fabric.  The wrong side is a flat color and has more black showing.  I think either side could be used as the right side.
The fabric had been previously washed.  I was able to cut out the fabric this AM and set up both serger and sewing machine to sew.  Updates later.



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