KS Wadder

This is my new top!
Yes it is a "wadder".  The knit was just to soft, fragile, not right for this pattern.  It had the right stretch required but it just did not have the body that was necessary for this top.  I truly love the colors of this fabric and had some other skirts/pants that would be perfect with. 

Here is where some problems occurred.

The neckband is gathered and attached to the neckband facing at neckline or at the top of the unit. Understitching the facing is important.  You then adjust gathers at the bottom of the neckband and match notches on neckband facing.  At this point you then attach gathered bottom edge to front and back bodice pieces which were sewn at the shoulder seam.  See below:
After doing this you then fold over the neckband facing and attached to neckband and bodice pieces by stitching in the ditch. This where it became a wadder. All the gathering and attaching of neckband distorted the area and the knit  just seemed to grow and not really recover back to original size.  Thus facing never really lined up well.  When I basted the side seams and tried the top on, the whole neckline was standing away from me both in the back and front.  I tried some things to fix the issue and that did not work. 
I did not have enough fabric to redo the neckband and attach as a unit.  Not really wanting to spend anymore time on this as I have numerous other projects in the line up, I called it a wadder and now ready to move on.
Lessons learned-this top really needs a knit with more body.



  1. Sorry that happened, but I know you have BBFWA - Bounce Back From Wadder Ability! On with the show!

    1. Thanks! I will have to remember the BBFWA. I certainly do.

  2. Bummer. I have something in my trash, too.Maybe it can have a party with yours!

    1. I wonder how many wadders there are a week. It was a bummer but I got some new fabric yesterday and I am now moving on to something new.


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