I joined the Carnival and what arrived from Mood Fabrics

I  joined the carnival yesterday!  Last month I made several skirts-3 keepers, 1 wadder.  I enjoyed the change from making dresses to skirts.  I was switching to sewing up some tops.  I just completed a wadder with a KS top.  So when I read about Faye's Carnival of Skirts, I was thrilled as I have more skirts I want to make.

My first skirt, pattern to be determined, will be from this fabric.  I purchased it last year after reading someones blog and seeing their skirt.  They had acquired the fabric from JoAnn's and fortunately our local store had this fabric also. This is of course a faux leather with a knit backing.

So what about Mood Fabrics, you ask.  It was exciting to read and learn about the Mood Sewing Network and who was selected to be in the inaugural group.  I read many of their blogs though one or two were new to me; now they are on my blog reading list.  I have purchased fabric from Mood once many, many years ago when I was with a group on a shopping trip in NY.  I actually won a piece of fabric through Burda Style that came from Mood; the fabric was nice and unfortunately it just was not a fabric choice I would make so I have never made anything from it.

I decided to order fabric from them online recently.  I ordered a gold metallic knit with a touch of black streaks running through the knit; I also ordered a faux leather/vinyl fabric that I want to use to make a peplum top.  I want a piece of black faux leather for another peplum top.  I was uncertain as to the quality and feel of their product so I selected this one simply because the description indicated it would be suitable for garments.  I wish they would include those type of comments with some of their other faux leather pieces.  Some do claim to be more for home dec or for purses.

Here is the knit fabric

and the faux leather animal print (it was described as animal, I think it looks more like a snakeskin)  Really great color and I think it will work as a "neutral" with several skirts; or as the top peplum piece of a peplum style dress.

Their service was prompt and ordering was an ease.  I think the fabric I received was as described and was not disappointed.  I see more fabric purchases from them in the future.


  1. Hi Linda! We're so glad to hear you were happy with your fabric purchase from Mood. Love to see the end results.

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