How I got to Vogue from McCalls

I appreciate the feedback on what pattern to use for the stripe fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics.  I was going to use this McCall's pattern.  I have even pin fitted and made the pattern adjustments.  Yet this pattern was not "talking" to me about this fabric and it.

I kept thinking about this top  sewn and reviewed by Karen (Sewing By The Seat of my Pants).  I loved the way she used the fabric to keep an even flow of the stripes.  So I decided that I either need to make a kimono style dress or something in that neighborhood.  I then thought about my TNT Vogue 8278.

I have made that twice now and have perfected the fit for me.  I went to my dress pattern stash to pull the pattern and it was not there.  I went to my huge plastic bag holder for my new patterns and those that I have pulled thinking I will make the pattern(s) soon.  Not there.  Checked in some other locations and not there.  I do not know where that pattern is and now think that I may have given it to Goodwill???!!!

I go on line to check the Vogue site and learn this pattern is now OOP.  I thought I would run to JoAnn's to buy another one.  They don't have it in my size.  Why Vogue sells OOP patterns at full price instead of clearance is for them to know and me to not know.

So I ordered the pattern from eBay seller for $7 and free shipping.  I got the pattern yesterday; re-read the reviews I wrote for the pattern at PR and last night cut out the pattern pieces and began making the fitting adjustments.

I hope to finalize those adjustments this AM and cut out the pattern-there are only four pieces.  I will not be able to sew it up as I travel this afternoon to WVa for business meeting that will take place Monday and Tuesday.  At least the fabric and pattern will be ready to sew upon return.

More later.


  1. bummer about giving away the pattern--especially a TNT. I feel your pain!


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