V8799 Dress

I pin fitted the pattern this AM and found I needed my usual adjustments:

  • FBA-1.5 inches
  • FSA-5/8 inch
  • Swayback-1/2 inch
  • Reduction of waist to hip by 2 inches
  • 1/4 inch horizontal tuck in upper chest, upper back and sleeve
  • Raised neckline-1 inch
I have almost completed the cutting out of the dress fabric.  Have to then cut out the lining fabric.  I am lining in white.  For the jacket with only close by resource being JoAnn Fabrics, I ended up buying the lining in pink that matches the pink color in the dress.  There was no orange or tangerine lining fabric to be found.  I may look online as it will take me a little time to make the dress and by then lining may be shipped from some source.

I was looking online for some tangerine colored shoes and white as well. Neither color exists in my shoe collection at this time.

Update later.  Off to cook some steaks on the grill.


  1. Oh please hurry....lol I have been dying for a Hot Pink jacket and I fell in love with the details of this pattern. I have never had the backbone to try a vogue pattern. I have the pattern in hand just no guts to start...lol Already I have found that Im not happy about the fact that it calls for interfacing but not how much. I can figure it out but its not very nice of them to not include that little bit of info. Im so thankful I found someone working on this pattern too. Happy Sewing

  2. I am making some progress on the dress. I need to make a few fitting adjustments after trying it on this afternoon. Nothing major thank goodness.


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