Emma Top complete

The StyleArc Emma top is complete.  It was somewhat challenging for a simple enough top.  There are a lot of gathers at the neckline.  Attaching the collar proved to be more difficult than perhaps it should. The collar piece had notches that were to match up on the bodice pieces.  There were no markings on the bodice pieces for the collar to match up to.

I had to just gather the neckline and arrange it until all would fit to the collar.  I then rearrange after basting the collar twice to get the gathers arranged more attractively when I tried it on.  The instructions have you to attach the collar in two steps.  Next time, it will be attached in one as I did the cuffs.

Attaching the cuff to the sleeve gathers went together without much of a hitch.  With the cuff piece, I stitched the short ends together folded in half, serged the edges together and the attached as one piece to the sleeve.  I then pressed and stitched in the ditch to secure the cuff/sleeve edges to lie flat on the wrong side.

My idea is to wear this blouse with a pencil style skirt.  The fabric is very lightweight and should be cool to wear during warmer months.

One thing I did with the collar which is really a mistake was I shortened the length of it by one inch.  I found I need that one inch for the collar to completely cover the neckline area.  It does not look bad but it is intended to fold over that far.  I will change that for the next one.  I already have the fabric picked out for this one as well.

My next project is Vogue 8669, a draped neck top which I recently made.  I am going to use this material that I purchased from Fabric.com.  I am on vacation today so I get to do some more sewing.
I am participating in the "Starting at the Top" sew along sponsored by blogger Faye Lewis.  When you get a moment go visit the site to see what others are sewing.


  1. That top is reminiscent of the "peasant" tops some time ago. Remember those? I have a similar pattern--old is new again!

  2. That is really pretty. I love that fabric.

  3. Lovely fabric for this top! I like your idea of wearing it with a pencil skirt.


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