And sew it goes-Part 2

Yesterday I traveled with my boss to Richmond to attend a memorial service for a long time friend, mentor and colleague.  That is about 5+ hours trip back and forth.  Following the service, several of us ate dinner at a seafood restaurant.  It was a good time to remember the one who has passed on and to have fellowship with others. RIP Cecil MacFarland!

That said, I did not work on my current dress project yesterday.  This AM I completed prepping lining pieces so I can sew them together.  Depending on my neck and shoulder issues plus other household chores I hope to get all sewn together and to attach the lining to the dress today.

I had two additional tweaks to make to the dress which I did complete.  I needed to take a deeper seam through the upper back princess seams and to take deeper seams through the front princess seams starting right  below waist line down to the hemline.  Even looking at the model's dress on the pattern envelope, it looks rather full through that area.  I thought it was just too full for me.  My upper body to waist line is pretty much a size bigger than my bottom half.  Upper chest and shoulder area is smaller than the bust and waist.  As many of us know and have written about, princess seams are great for fitting those areas due to variance in size.

More post later on progress.


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