More patterns, but no sewing mojo

I can't seem to get my sewing mojo going.  I did take advantage of the Club BMV sale and purchased 4 Butterick patterns.  They arrived today and kind of lit a spark but just not enough.  I am even taking a vacation day today.  But I planned the day to get all my grocery shopping done, take "stuff" to Goodwill, clean the car washed and heading for a manicure in about 30 minutes.

DH and I are visiting a family member tomorrow evening for a cookout and then I head out on Sunday for a business trip.  Sewing is just not in the cards for now.  I will be checking out what others are working on in the meanwhile for some sewing inspiration for when the sewing moment strikes.


  1. We need some really good, inspiring new patterns. Something new and exciting for autumn. Think we'll get any?


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