NL 6000 complete except----

The dress is complete except for hook and eye at the back; and I am still searching for the perfect button for the collar.  As I noted in my last post, I changed the sleeve from 3/4 with cuff, to a shorter sleeve with no cuff. 

I am preparing another dress or two for sewing.  The one I am going to sew first is this Butterick pattern:

I fell in love with this dress pattern because of the ruffled neckline and princess seams.  I am deviating from the look of the dresses on the envelope which are all in solid colors which I plan to do also.  But I wanted to make up this fabric and decided the dress does not have to be a solid.
This fabric is a purchase from Vogue Fabrics earlier this year.  I fell in love with this print and color.  I don't normally wear this color much; yet I was drawn to it.  Good enough for me to purchase it.  I plan to pin fit the pattern this afternoon and hopefully between having to do some house cleaning and some homework for my job, I will fit this all in.


  1. I can't wait to see the NL on you! It's very pretty on the hanger. And I bought the butterick princess seam dress pattern too because of the ruffle detail. I like the fabric you chose - very au courant!

  2. I wanted that Butterick pattern, but couldn't get my size when they were on sale last weekend. Looking forward to seeing your made up.

  3. I love it. Especially the fabric.

  4. The NL dress looks so pretty. I have always loved red and white color combinations. Interesting Butterick pattern. I totally missed it. The fabric you plan to use is really pretty.

  5. Such a pretty dress and thought it was pink at first but realize its red/white. I am adding that pattern to my list.

  6. I love that Butterick pattern! The ruffle is so pretty and feminine without being too much. I think it will look great in that print- can't wait to see it!


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