To sew or not to sew

I have not really been in much of a sewing frame of mind this week.  We had another structural reorganization at work this week which changed my job yet again.  I know I will be able to handle the adjustments, I do have more responsibilities----but I had to eliminate a staff position requiring me to have to do some of what this person was doing plus taking on other job duties.  Once the dust settles I will be okay.

So with all of that going on since Tuesday, I have gotten home later and lost my energy for much of anything including sewing.  Last night I had a burst of energy to hit and decided to cut out a camisole top from the remainder of the fabric I just cut out for the McCall's dress.  I signed up to participate in the "over the top" sew along to make tops in the first 15 days of April.   

The pattern is one I have used previously in making some tops.  It is a KS cami and cardigan pattern--pattern number fails me now.  I am going to sew the top first to get a feel for how the fabric is going to sew, it seems it may be a little fiddly.  I am using a stretch needle, but size may be wrong.  I test sewed a sample piece last night as well.  We will see.  Back to share more later.


  1. Hoping the dust settles quickly enabling you to get back into the groove of sewing. Off to check out your top. Thanks for reminding me I could use some camisole tops for my suits... now if I can remember where I put the pattern.


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