Stylish Blogger Award

First, thank you Cennetta for giving me this award.  I apologize for lateness of accepting it and posting about it.  My sewing inspiration comes from many sources and particularly viewing so many other blogs and exchanging comments.  Cennetta's garments are gorgeous, fashionable and well fitting on her , DD and her customers. 

With this award I am to post 7 things about myself:

1)  I have worked in the non-profit world most all of my career which allowed me to live in several states including my home state of VA.  I have lived in Texas, California, Florida and Pennsylvania.  My favorite two states were Texas and Florida.  I hope to live in a coastal area when I retire-if I ever get to.

2) I am not a great cook but my DH and I don't starve!  I love to grill and plan to try to grill some new dishes this spring/summer/fall.

3) I have been sewing since Junior High School and got the sewing gene from my Grandmother.

4) I have been married to my DH since 1973-38 years!

5) My sewing arsenal includes a Designer SE, Janome 300, Janome Coverstitch 1000, a Babylock blind hemmer and a Babylock Embellisher.

6) I love shoes and believe a woman can never have too many!  But some days I wake up and still find I just don't have the right pair in my closet.

7)I have a nice fabric collection/stash and find a sewist can never have too much fabric!

Now to present the award to others:
Robin at A Little Sewing

Shannon (Mushy) at MushyWear

A Sewn Wardrobe

Sewing in the City

Trina at Slapdash Sewist

There are so many others to present to but thought this was a good start.



  1. Thank you so much Linda for thinking of me with this award! I loved reading everything about you. Wow, and congratulations on 38 years!!!!


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