Another item for Goodwill and moving on---

The McCall’s dress is complete except for hemming.  I will not be keeping the dress as I just don’t like the look of it.  Even using a size 12 in shoulder/upper chest area, the neckline is just not flattering on me.

I just did not feel like handling it again and trying to make it work.  I am just not feeling the love to continue to work on it.

So I am moving on to the next project.  This will be Butterick dress and jacket.  It is Butterick 5460. I plan to use this fabric acquired from EOS earlier this year.Ikat Cotton fabric-EOS-2-2011

The jacket will be made from this fabric, a silk rayon purchased from Sawyer Brooks in January or rayon woven-Sawyer Brooks-2-2011

I cut out the pattern and pin fitted it to determine adjustments needed.  Of course the usual swayback and FSA were necessary.  I also needed 1.5 inch FBA. I also added some width to the front armsyce area as I did not like how the sleeveless area was sitting at the front.

I have the thread, the zipper and I am ready to go. 


  1. Oh darn, sorry the dress did not work out. I'm with you, if it doesn't work out, move on. I do love your fabrics for the upcoming project!

  2. Some things are just best forgotten.

  3. So much for the last one, but the next one looks like it will be a keeper! Pretty fabrics.

  4. Oh well! At least you are decisive and move on. When it happens to me, it derails my sewing mojo. Onward to the next project! Beautiful fabrics.


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