Attaching contour waistband

I worked on the skirt pattern yesterday evening and completed the front portion.  I am trying something new, for me, using a technique I read in a past Threads’ article. 

I decided to attach the front contour waistband to the skirt front first.  Normally you stitch front and back skirt pieces together at side seams.  Then you stitch front and back waistband pieces together at side seams.  Once this is done you then attach the waistband to the skirt.

2343 front with waistband attached

I used this new method for the front skirt lining as well.

Front lining with waistband attached

Once I complete the back skirt darts and seams, I will attach the back waistband pieces also.  The result will be that the all side seams (skirt and waistband) can be sewn in one continuous seam.  This will allow me an opportunity to adjust the side seam in the waist and hip areas with out having to remove waist band stitches to then adjust if necessary. 

Normally I do fittings along the way and get the best fit.  With weight/body changes, some of my skirts made in the past two years, need adjusting for me to wear them again, needing to take up seams in most. This method would allow for more ease of altering.


  1. Contour waistbands give me a FIT, and not in a nice way.

  2. I'm with Faye, I have more trouble with contour waistbands! I know theyr'e supposed to be better for curvier people (and maybe they are) but I can never get one to fit or lay right. Yours looks fabulous though!

  3. That's a great construction method. Perfect for those of us who go up and down in weight.

  4. That's a useful construction method - I'll have to try that next time I'm making a contour waistband. I like the idea of being able to fine tune the fit at that stage.

  5. An interesting method - I've never tried it myself. I like that fabric

  6. Hi A good friend recently taught me this method for making skirts it has increased the speed I can fit a skirt considerably. Lara

  7. I like our method and need to try it the next time. Thanks for sharing.


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