Sewing Tidbits for 12-29-2010

First it is a balmy 39 degrees at 11:15 AM. High today expected to be in the id 40’s. I know this is much warmer than those of you in the northern regions are experiencing, and even FL is getting hit with colder weather.

I completed my Butterick cardigan. I want to thank all of you who gave me your thoughts on which side of fabric to use. I decided to use the wrong side and got, I think, a very nice contrast.

I did a review at PR this AM. For some reason it would not let me post this photo in the photo gallery.
Here is a side view of me trying on the completed jacket last night.

I really need a silver or grayish belt to wear as option with this cardigan as well.

Today I have been working on performing (it felt like a major performance) a FBA on a one piece front pattern, KS 3790.  Couple this with side gathers and the straight of grain going one way with the center front at an angle until you sew and gather the left side. I had to really think through this process. Here is what I did:

  1. Made sure the pattern was laying on cutting table on straight of grain.
  2. Folded pattern in half to line up the underarm seams and measured two inches down to give a reference point for bust point.
  3. I then drew two horizontal lines after holding pattern up to make sure bust points were lining up and in the right place. 
  4. I then drew two lines parallel to straight of grain line and angled each line into the right and left armholes. I then drew drew line from side to bust point. This is the Palmer/Pletsch method for FBA. I tackled the right side of the pattern first

I eliminated the resulting dart which then added width to right front and side. I then reduced some of that width.

Next I tackled the left side. Again eliminating the dart that was formed and split the addition into two areas creating more gathering at the left side.

Here is the overall look of the pattern. I had to adjust the center portion between the two lines I drew to makesure they matched the adjusted lengths.

And there is where I stopped for the moment. I am babysitting two cats for my neighbor so took a much needed break to go feed them. My plan is to sew this afternoon. I am using some fabric from stash that I am not totally in love with so if this is becomes a wadder then I won’t be too disappointed.

Here is my parting shot showing the fabric I will be using. It is from and have had it for sometime now, perhaps two years! Which reminds me-- I decided to sign up for the fabric stash contest on PR. I wish I could count the cardigan I just made. Contest starts Jan. 1. If this pattern works out, then I have another fabric piece that I want to make up into this top and it too came from I will wait until January 1 to start on it.


  1. Love the cardigan. I hear you on making a FBA on piece. It should be easier the a princess seam top. I wish. Your fabric is pretty. I'll be back.

  2. Oh, this looks great on you! And so cozy-looking too. I'd wear a button up white shirt underneath of it for work. I wonder if you could cinch it with a leather belt for a new look? Nice job on this one!

  3. The cardigan looks so nice on you. I like that you went with the solid border. I really like the turquoise print you will soon be working with. It sounds like you've done a lot of work to get the pattern fitted. Can't wait to see it.

  4. I really like the contrasting fabric for the bands. That's a great jacket. And, nice sewing!


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