Saturday-Lake time

Yesterday, DH and I went to Smith Mountain Lake to spend time with another couple who live on the lake.  They were gracious host for the day.  We had not seen their new home and it is gorgeous with a great view of one of the lake coves. 

We went out on their boat and I discovered that the lake is huge.  There is no way one could see all of it in a day trip.   Weather was fantastic.  We docked the boat at the "Boat Landing" and had a choice of laid back restaurants to have dinner.  After dinner we ventured back to their home with the setting of the sun and the cool evening temperatures.

Truly relaxing day with sun, water, good food and good friends.


  1. Sounds like heaven. I had the opportunity to spend time on a lake in Oregon with my brother and I felt the same way. Have a good week!

  2. Sounds like a super welaxing day.
    I wish I could picture the scenary

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