I began to trace the Lutterloh pattern you see in the Work in Progress photo. The first tracing did not work out well. I was not true to the system and thus the first pattern was just not right. So I then retraced the upper bodice pieces since those were the ones that I used my upper bust measurement to trace and not the bust as per the system's method.

The second tracing resulted in my making an error in the tracing of the front upper bodice piece. I misread the numbers that you use as a guide to draft the pattern. So the third one has been traced but I lost my energy and my legs were hurting from standing so long. It was time to take a break. Tomorrow I will try to finish the tracing and pin fit the pattern.

I have so many other patterns I want to sew. Yet I want to learn more about this system and to learn requires spending time working with the system.



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  2. Dear Linda,

    I just happened upon your blog for the first time and am definitely adding it to my "favorites" list. Your posts are eloquent, easy to follow and informative.

    In an older post, you mentioned the Loes Hinse pattern line. The v-neck tunic you made was beautiful. I had no idea this designer existed. When I look for patterns, I usually go to Simplicity, Butterick, Vogue, etc., but it seems that the styles they offer are becoming more and more unstylish.
    Now I know where to go.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise!



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