Heading to the finish line

The Butterick dress is almost complete. I had to take up all the seams-isn't that why we all like princess style garments, so many fitting opportunities. It fits very well now.

I have one dislike with the dress; the underarm is lower than I would like. In adjusting the pattern I raised it 1/2 inch which usually suffices for all sleeveless type dresses/blouses I make. Not so with this one. I will wear a jacket with it, so it will not be noticeable to anyone. I may slip a foam shoulder pad in and see how that works. I don't use shoulder pads as much as I use to.

I only need to hem the dress, the lining and insert a hook and eye above the zipper. I have two jackets that will go with this dress; one I made years ago and the other is a Kasper jacket purchased at a Kasper outlet store in Hagerstown, MD. I thought I was going to have enough of this fabric to make a jacket; if I could squeeze out a jacket from this it would need to be a bolero style.
I think my next project is going to be this Project Runway Simplicity dress. I made a dress this past summer from this pattern and it fit very well..
I have some red wool gabardine fabric and some black gabardine left over from a previous project. I keep seeing black and red suits as well as dresses in local stores. My plan is make the dress in red with yoke in black with a black band at the hemline. I am thinking of adding sleeves to this one, though sleeveless is still an option. I think I may use the red for the sleeves and again black for the sleeve band.


  1. A red and black colour scheme sounds like a really nice idea for the Simplicity dress. It's such a great pattern!

  2. That is a really nice style. Your black and red fabric sounds like it will make a great looking dress.

  3. Look forward to seeing the dress you are making!! Red and black are always stunning together!
    Are you digging out again? We have 18 inches of really heavy snow right now with a little more predicted for Tuesday/Wednesday. I don't think we will ever go back to school!! I am nearly out of pattern ease and almost in a panic!!!!!

  4. Haha, that's exactly why I like princess seam dresses over the double-darted ones! So much easier to fit, and it lays so much better on me! And I bet that dress will look stunning as a red/black combo.

  5. I'm so impressed! I can't even get a button to stay on when I sew it:)


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