Finally, some photos

Here is the Butterick dress on AlmaMarie. I don't like the look of the back view in this photo, simply because AlmaMarie is a little bigger than I am now and the zipper is exposed. When I wear the dress, the back being less snug on me, the zipper is not so exposed. The last photo shows the lining at the shoulder and armscye area.
I cut out the dress fabric for the new Simplicity dress yesterday evening. I will cut out the lining fabric this AM and hope to get some sewing started on the dress today. I picked up some zippers, thread, hook and eyes and ,of course, a Simplicity skirt pattern since it was on sale for
$1 at JoAnn's yesterday. Updates later.


  1. That's a classic. I know you will get lots of wear out of that dress. It has all kinds of possibilities.

  2. You'll be able to do a lot with that dress. Throw on a jacket or sweater, dress it up with lotd of big, clunky jewelry. It's a nice piece. Sew on!

  3. I agree your dress is a classic with so many options... great job.

  4. The dress looks great inside and out.


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