Dress and lining

Well best laid plans did not come to fruition on Sunday. With the snow from Saturday, meant shoveling the driveway for work on Monday. This ate into my sewing time and after all the shoveling I just lost interest in sewing for the day.

I have a Vogue pattern that I love the directions for attaching a lining to the dress fabric for sleeveless dresses. I also have the book Easy Linings (or similar title) that addresses this technique also. I love it 'cause there is no hand sewing involved. You attach the lining at neckline and armholes, trim seams, turn inside out. You then insert back zipper, keeping lining free and then you sew a continuous side seam for lining and dress.

The lining is now attached at neck and armholes; it is now draped onto AlmaMarie (dress form) waiting for the zipper and side seams to be sewn. That is how far I got on Sunday.


  1. That is how I line sleeveless dresses--i can't believe I ever did it the other way with all that hand sewing before!

    My tip is to trim 1/4 inch from the lining neck and armscyes; this way when the pieces are stitched together turn of cloth will pull the lining to the inside and prevent it from peeking out as it will be slightly smaller than the fashion fabric.

  2. I haven't put lining in a dress, but this sounds easier than I was I thinking. I'll have to keep this tip in mind when I insert one. Thanks!

  3. I hope your snow has stopped. How dare it interefere with sewing time!


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