WIP-BWOF January 2009 Skirt 112

I began working on this skirt yesterday and made good progress. I probably could have finished it but wanted to spend some time with DH.

I began working on the skirt this AM. Yesterday I determined that the front and back facing pieces were not going to cover the entire waistband area. I do not understand why those pieces were drafted that way. I checked the pattern pieces in the magazine and I had traced appropriately. This would look unfinished and rather ugly. You can see what I mean:

My solution was to cut out waistband pieces from lining fabric and will attach to skirt lining. This pattern did not call for a lining. I like linings in my skirts most of the time, and particularly for wool. I drafted a lining for the skirt portion when cutting out the pattern. The waistband pieces will be from silk fabric acquired from Fabric Mart last year. (Odd saying that since this is the new year.)

Here is parting shot of the skirt front. More later:


  1. Your production is AWESOME! You are about the sewingist blogger I know. And your designs are wonderful. Even though I sewed 10 out of 12 months last year, it seems now that I hardly did anything. As soon as I feel better I'm doing a major closet overhaul to get rid of things I do not like. From one Linda to another Happy New Year, you are off to a marvelous start.


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