Update on BWOF skirt

I am making progress on the skirt. I truly thought I would be finished with it and ready to start on some dresses.

As I stated in an earlier post I made adjustments to the skirt pattern. I added width to the waistband area and added to the skirt as well. In retrospect and from fitting the skirt I did not need to add to the skirt portion except at the top edge that would attach to waistband. Thus I ended up taking deeper seams in the side front area of the waistband and also taking a smidgen in the side back areas of waistband. This resulted in my cutting off about an inch on each side of the skirt front and back. This is the amount I added from top to bottom. This seems like a lot of wasted work but truly I rather have the too big issue than making something that is just too tight. All in all, this is a learning opportunity.

I now have to go back and make the same adjustments to the lining pieces. Once all of those are completed, I will need to hem both lining and skirt. I really like the look of the skirt and look forward to wearing it when I return to work next week.

I now leaning toward sewing some dresses. I am getting encouragement from DH as well.
More updates and photos later.


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