And the skirt goes on

Today, I am taking new measurements! I ended up having to take up the skirt even more. So basically all of my fitting adjustments were for naught. For someone who has sewn a long, long time, fitting myself for skirts is rather frustrating. In the past, the issue has always been the skirts were too tight and had to let them out as much as possible; and sometimes that was not enough. I know it is better to take up than let out but!!!! Enough ranting.

I love a challenge and thus is why I choose to try numerous patterns instead of making my same TNT one all the time. Maybe it is the style and the fabric but with the last fitting I thought I had made enough adjustments for the skirt to fit. I had to undo part of the waistband stitching to take up the side seams another 3/8 inch on each side.

It is now ready for hemming. I am debating on whether to use the belt carriers or not. I do plan to wear a belt with this but with the carriers I will definitely limit the belt width. Off to hem now.


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