2009 Sewing Affirmations Review

I posted my sewing affirmations for 2009 on January 3. So how did I do?

1-Take advantage of sewing opportunities and spend more time at machine than computer. I give myself a B on this one. I still spend too much time at computer when could take advantage of sewing time. This will be an ongoing goal for me.

2-I will make some garments from BWOF since I renewed my subscription. I did make three garments (knit top, faux suede jacket, wool skirt) from BWOF; one I just completed today. I have plans to make more garments as I renewed the subscription again.

3-I will learn and use two new sewing techniques.I learned three-all involve working with or around zippers. One was sewing linings by machine to invisible zippers; the other was inserting a regular zipper with the outcome to look like an invisible zipper; the third was attaching a facing to an invisible zipper. I have used two of the three techniques on a fairly regular basis.

4-I will continue to sew for quality not quantity.I really worked on this. I really worked to have well fitting garments, seams lining up as they should, plaids or prints matching up nicely, adding linings to make the garment look and wear better, and more. I completed 23 garments for the year which was a lot less than what some others have recently noted. Not sure if the low quantity is because of this goal or because of goal 1.

5-I will make one good pair of well fitting pants. Oops! I failed this one. Did not even try though I bought two pant patterns. Maybe in 2010. RTW normally fit me just fine.

6-I will strive to use patterns more than once. I made some strides there. I made three skirts from one pattern, a couple of tank tops from a KS pattern and a few other knit tops from other TNT patterns like KS and Jalie. I also have a Simplicity dress pattern I used again for a knit dress. I have a couple of dresses in mind to sew soon and involves using a previously sewn dress pattern.

7-I will use fabric from my fabric collection more often. I think I did better with this one for 2009 but still gave in to the urge to buy more fabric which sometimes got sewn up quickly and other times not and now is aging nicely in my collection.

I have not fully thought through my goals/affirmations for 2010, some of the above, like #1 will be back on the list.

Well, it is back to work tomorrow. I have had a nice time off for holiday and vacation. Even though I did have a bout with vertigo, I was mostly able to do much of what I wanted during my time off. Later.


  1. Nice recap of the year. Best wishes for a fruitful 2010!

  2. Kudos to you Linda for meeting your goals very well. Thanks for posting this. You gave me the good idea to make my own sewing affirmations for 2010!


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