Enough is enough

Okay, the winter wonderland is over now. We had over 16 inches of snow. It is pretty coming down and looks great when you look out at it. However with a hilly driveway and having to go back to work on Monday thus requiring one to shovel snow, the beauty has now faded. What a chore shoveling can be.

DH and I shoveled snow a little yesterday and a lot more today. I am glad I go to CURVES and work those arm muscles 'cause shoveling is WORK!!! The temperature is suppose to be in upper 30's/low 40's tomorrow thus aiding the melting of the snow.

Well enough about snow.

I completed the Butterick skirt and will have photos to share later. I began work on the New Look skirt pattern. I wasn't going to line that skirt but I have since changed my mind. It really could use one; I think it will give it that extra touch that will make it a better skirt. So far the pattern has gone together well. I have not gotten as far as I wanted to with the skirt for today. Right now I am resting from all that SHOVELING! Plus I have laundry that is requiring my attention.


  1. Yes shoveling sure takes away from the beauty of all that snow.

  2. OH MY GOSH, we are supposed to help our husbands shovel snow?
    I just asked for the day off tomorrow.

  3. We ended up with around 24 inches of snow!! Honestly, 24 inches is almost too much to shovel! Folks who usually go around and plow driveways haven't been able to do it because it is just too deep. A neighbor of ours has an equipment rental place and brought a skid steer home to do his driveway. He ended up being paid by many of us near him to do our driveways also! Some roads are still closed and things are just a mess -- with freezing rain possibly on the way in a few days!


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